Cognitive Computing Applications

We develop web and mobile apps for data analysis and decision making that work with unstructured data, such as audio, video and written text.

15 years
of experience in delivering custom software
experienced software developers

Apps Features

AI libraries and personal virtual assistants integration

IBM Watson, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform

Native interface development

Voice recognition and commands, facial expressions and gestures apps utilization

Machine vision system and OCR

Mobile terminals handwritten texts recognition

AI Libraries And Virtual Personal Assistants Apps Development

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

IBM Watson

Utilizing Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platform components accelerates apps development through cognitive computing.

The Axmor software development team has extensive experience in integrating IBM Watson services into mobile and web apps. In cooperation with IBM, Axmor delivered projects related to:

  • voice control systems
  • heterogeneous data processing
  • personalized decision-making recommendations

Our Projects

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Cognitive Computing Industry Opportunities

Marketing and Sales

  • Analysis of the clients' psychological portrait
  • Customized advertising campaigns
  • Consumer insights research

Business Intelligence

  • Recognition of unstructured data
  • Structuring and analysis of big data
  • Decision making

Decision making

  • Large related data search
  • Factor analysis
  • Voice recognition and voice commands system interaction

Cognitive Computing For Marketing And Sales

The ability to extract and understand data not only from graphs and tables, but also from unstructured data: trends in texts, audio and social networks.


Ensuring the product benefits the consumer, by listening to the needs of micro-groups and individual users.

Business processes

Complex data processing optimization allows to free up time for idea generation and decision making.


Researching ideas that reduce costs, improving customer service.

Our Advantages

Flexible approach

We can individually approach each project. We are flexible, building strong and trustful relationships with our partners, actively working and communicating as a single team.

Transparency of business processes

To build strong customer connections we conduct weekly meetings, demo sessions and training during the project phases. We will provide access to our issue tracking and project management system as well as we are ready to work with customer's third-party software.

Solving complex and non-typical problems

Design and development of custom software for automation of unique and non-typical business processes that go beyond out-of-the-box solutions.

Intellectual Property Protection

We sign the NDA at the project evaluation stage and deliver all the rights to the software product and its source code to the customer.

US legislation

We work under US laws and standards, conducting banking operations, signing contracts and maintaining all documentation in the USA.

Project infrastructure based on US servers

The project infrastructure is provisioned on US-based servers, all source code repositories, data backups, full documentation knowledge base and logs are security stored there.

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