Payment Gateways, Aggregators and Anti-fraud Systems

Axmor offers full-cycle development and implementation services for payment gateways, complex payment aggregators and anti-fraud systems that meet all global payment security standards.

We help ambitious startups and large IT companies develop innovative software products providing assistance at all stages from the release of a Minimum Viable Product to long-term support and product development.

Our unique experience and expertise enables us to gather requirements and select optimal technical solutions with unrivalled speed and efficiency. This ensures a fast project launch reducing the timescales and costs of your product development.

8 years
on the electronic payment systems development market
Level-1 PCI DSS 2.0 certified payment gateway in the world
million users gaining advantage from our purpose-built payment gateway

Advantages We Offer

Compliance with PCI DSS

The payment gateways and aggregators we develop never store the card holder’s sensitive authentication information after authorization, and all personal data is stored in encrypted form. This ensures our clients can successfully pass the audit necessary to obtain the PCI DSS certificate.

Mobile client development

Our experts will develop a mobile client for your existing payment gateway enabling you to engage your mobile audience and provide them with easy access to all functionality. read more

Continuous development

Axmor specialists will help enhance the functionality of your existing payment gateway and integrate it with other systems and equipment without making substantial changes to its architecture.

Full Cycle Development

We provide a full range of services in software development from requirement gathering, user interface design and implementation, to product release and continuous development.

Support and Maintenance

Our team provides administration services for the servers and databases of our own payment gateways and aggregators, as well as third-level technical support to quickly solve critical problems. Our payment gateways and aggregators work without interruption processing payments 24 hours a day. Using mirroring and segmentation of servers and databases excludes the risk of down time.

Software Product Capabilities

Fraud Detection
  • Real time payment monitoring
  • Rejection of suspicious transactions
  • Questionable transaction detection  and prompt reporting to the merchant
  • Heuristic evaluation of average activity for client, card, country, etc
  • Black and white lists of payment cards, country and phone numbers
  • Detection of conflicts between the location of the cardholder and their card
Payment Gateways and Aggregators
  • Supports payments made with various debit and credit cards
  • Supports additional payment methods: cheques, ACH, Star Card, PayPal, SMS payments, digital wallets (WebMoney, Yandex.Money), etc
  • Provides detailed analysis and flexible filters for monitoring and managing payments
  • Offers a full range of card operations: Authorization, Sale, Capture, Void, Refund, Credit
  • Supports MCP operations. With Multi Currency Pricing, online stores can specify the price of a product in different currencies.
  • Supports CPC operations. With Customer-Preferred Currency, the price can be given in one currency only but the client can chose to see the price equivalent in a different currency based on the payment system’s current conversion rate.
  • Supports for 3-D Secure verification based on cardholder identification using a one-time password for each online purchase.
  • With payment service providers: VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club International, JCV, American Express, Discover Financial Services
  • With processing companies: TSyS, FirstData, and OmniPay
  • With POS terminals: Payment card processing via POS-terminals (Ingenico, VeriFone and others)
  • With Card Readers: Payment card processing using a Card Reader

Project Portfolio

Payment Aggregator

Axmor specialists have developed a complex software solution for payment processing, detection of suspicious transactions as well as secure payment and personal data storage. The payment aggregator is integrated with a large number of processing centers, POS terminals, online stores and mobile payment applications.

POS System Integration

Axmor integrated our customer's payment gateway with the cloud-based Vend POS system in full compliance with PCI DSS and PA DSS. Now employees in retail stores that use the Vend POS system can accept payments for goods via our customer's payment gateway.

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