Medical software development

Axmor offers custom-made medical software development services to healthcare industry customers.

We help businesses to develop innovative software products, providing assistance at all stages from the release of a Minimum Viable Product to long-term support and product development. All we need to get started is your vision of the product and desire to collaborate actively with our team.

Industry specific knowledge equips us to deliver optimal technical solutions for fast project launch even without detailed requirements.

Our Expertise

Advanced Analytics

Handle sizeable volumes of clinical data efficiently

Practice Management

Streamline workflow by automating day-to-day tasks


Provide remote clinical services via videoconferencing


Manage scientific experiments

Mobile health

Provide a real-time access to healthcare services

Personalized Medicine

Collect, analyze and process personal health data

Advantages We Offer


Data security

The software we develop provides strong data protection in accordance with healthcare data security standards. Axmor is able to offer such high standards due to robust data storage and encryption methods we use.

Compliance with HL7 standards

Axmor specialists cooperate with HL7 team and participate in the development of HL7 FHIR components. This exceptional experience gives us a deep understanding of the exchange, management and integration processes related to electronic health records.

Privacy of patient records

We generate randomized profiles to avoid using real patient records during the development process.

Compliance with HIPAA standards

Our developers are fully certified as HIPAA compliant with regulatory requirements for medical software development.

Integration with well-known medical services

such as IBM Watson, PubMed, BioPortal, RxNorm.

Minimum Viable Product

Our experience in the development of MVP means we can gather early end-user feedback to help you assess the potential demand for your new software product.

Cloud-based solutions

Development and deployment of SaaS solutions to different platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 and Private Cloud.

Full cycle development

We provide a full range of services in software development from requirement gathering and analysis, design and implementation, to product release into the market and continuous development.

AGILE. Fast Project Start

We are able to begin software development without requiring a detailed description of the product’s features, and respond swiftly to changes in specifications throughout the course of a project. This is critical for healthcare software development due to ever-changing legal and jurisdictional environments. Agile methodologies ensure that code will be kept up-to-date with minimal cost and disruption.

Effective communication

We communicate with the customer as a single cross-functional team with common goals and objectives. This approach has proved effective across various types of commercial projects.

Project Portfolio

Patients’ DNA Analysis

Axmor has developed software to analyze patients’ DNA barcodes and compile their frequency matrices. Based on these matrices, scientists can draw conclusions regarding a patient’s genetic predisposition to cancer.

Molecular Modeling

Axmor software specialists have developed a computational tool to transform molecular data files in 3D-coordinates of vertices and edges of Van der Waals surface. The tool also generates a file that contains numerical characteristics of the results.

Development of Сlinical Guidelines

In collaboration with IBM and the US Cancer Network, Axmor specialists have designed a unique system for the development of clinical guidelines in the treatment of cancer patients. When creating a guideline, a range of factors are taken into account: the patients’ indications, the symptoms of a particular disease, the stage of the disease, and many more besides.

Health care quality assurance system

In collaboration with healthcare analytics provider, Axmor team has developed an application that provides access to statistical information on physician quality performance. The application was aimed at assisting medical center staff conduct prompt monitoring of their practitioners professional performance and regulatory compliance.

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