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Axmor offers custom Java software development services. We develop software for ambitious IT startups as well as large international companies such as Deloitte and Siemens.

Axmor has developed more than 100 solutions for IBM jStart team over the 13 years of our business relationship. We continue to apply cutting-edge technologies to our projects in collaboration with the IBM jStart team. This enables us to quickly grasp business needs and empower our clients by providing them with the most up-to-date technological services and solutions.

Axmor clients benefit from our team’s exceptional combination of technological experience and professional competency, and can be confident that the team will provide them with the optimal technical solution for any type of Java project.

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The race does not stop on the nights and weekends, so I had to ping the Axmor team on Skype in their mornings, late evenings, weekends, holidays - I always got what I was asking for with no delays. People like the Axmor team and their work ethics are a large part of the reason we love working with your team, and I look forward to continuing to do just that.

Our Advantages

Mobile client development

Our experts will develop a mobile client for your existing Java application. This will allow you to engage your software’s mobile audience and provide them with easy access to all functionality.

Сreating an MVP

Experienced in creating Minimum Viable Product with optimal quality/price ratio.

Effective Communication

We communicate with the customer as a single cross-functional team with common goals and objectives: a collaborative approach that has proved effective across a diverse range of commercial projects.

Fast Project Start

We can start working on the development of your software product without requiring a detailed description of the product’s features, responding swiftly to changes in requirements throughout the course of a project.

Full Cycle Development

We provide a full range of services in software development from requirement gathering, user interface design and implementation, to product release and continuous development.

Technical Expertise

Java, Scala, Groovy, Clojure, Kotlin
Spring MVC, Play Framework, Apache Struts 2, Apache Wicket, Apache Tapestry, Google Web Toolkit, Jersey
Javascript frameworks
AngularJS, Angular 2, React & Redux
Persistence frameworks
Hibernate, MyBatis
Messaging & service buses
Apache ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ
Web servers
Jetty, Tomcat, Oracle WebLogic Server, IBM WebSpere Application Server, Red Hat WildFly, GlassFish
Data Storage
Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
Operating systems
Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Infrastructure & development
Amazon Wb Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Docker

Java Development Projects

Operational Data Processing Platform

In collaboration with Starview, Axmor has created an innovative platform for processing real-time operational data and monitoring the infrastructures of major enterprises. The software can analyze large volumes of operational data, forecast business events and develop optimal responses to them.

Analyzing Twitter User Opinions

In collaboration with IBM, the Axmor team developed an application that collects Twitter message threads on specific topics, normalizes text, analyzes sentiments and then marks them with special tags. The software processes these tags using statistical analysis allowing the user to visualize the results over a given period in real time.

Mass Media Portal

Axmor created a corporate portal for Harpo Productions, which has been successfully developing the Oprah Winfrey brand for more than 29 years. This portal provides a single point of access to the company’s media content, analytics and reporting system.

Remote Backup for Big Data

In collaboration with Secured2, Axmor designed a solution for backing up big data allowing users to dramatically cut back on their cloud storage space and completely secure their data.

Unified Communications System

We created a multi-functional unified communications system for a VoIP provider. The application enables the user to manage calls and exchange messages and files. A key feature of the product is its integration with external services such as Zoom, Box, Salesforce, and Google Docs.

Molecular Modeling

Axmor software specialists developed a computational tool to transform molecular data files in 3D-coordinates of vertices and edges of Van der Waals surface. The tool also generates a file that contains numerical characteristics of the results.

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