E-commerce Cloud Solution

Axmor offers a diverse range of custom software development services including expert SaaS e-commerce solutions development. We assist IT companies develop innovative software products, from the release of the Minimum Viable Product to long-term support and product development.

Axmor specialists will provide you with everything you need to successfully start your online business: online store, anti-fraud system, POS-system and integration with various services. Unified access from various devices allows you to easily manage the system and monitor recent user activities.

years on the e-commerce market
in the world to develop a payment gateway certified at Level-1 PCI DSS 2.0
place awarded to an Axmor created POS-system by Richmond Chamber of Commerce

Advantages We Offer


The solutions we develop comply with the PCI DSS. Our clients successfully pass the audit required of e-commerce businesses.

SaaS solutions

Development and deployment of SaaS solutions to different platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 and Private Cloud.

Continuous development

Axmor specialists will help enhance the functionality of your existing system and integrate it with other systems and equipment without making substantial changes to its architecture.

Agile software development

This approach has the flexibility to allow for changes and new ideas to be brought to the project on the fly. New features can be quickly delivered and optimized throughout project development.

Highly scalable system

We can quickly increase the capacity of SaaS solutions in accordance with the changing needs of your project.

Сreating an MVP

Experienced in creating Minimum Viable Product with optimal quality/price ratio.

Сross-functional team

Effective cooperation within cross-functional team. Axmor will assign to your project a team of qualified programmers, testers and a dedicated project manager who will keep communications running smoothly from the outset.

E-commerce Cloud Capabilities

Online Store
Provide information on products, services and prices
Receive detailed analytics
Support various payment methods
Assign multiple delivery methods to items
Implement loyalty programs with varying levels of complexity
Create a mobile e-commerce platform
Make purchase orders
Track order status
Allow customers to create a personal account
Compatibility with various devices and operating systems
Payment card processing via POS-terminals (Ingenico, VeriFone and others)
Payment card processing using a Card Reader or mobile phone
Cashier time-sheets
Multi-currency transactions
Sign on screen option
Warehouse management, pricing and sales outlets
 Data Import
Data import from multiple formats
Detailed analytics and reporting
Fraud Detection
Real time payment monitoring
Rejection of suspicious transactions
Detection of questionable transactions and prompt reporting to the merchant
Heuristic evaluation of average activity for client, card, country, etc
Black and white lists of payment cards, country and phone numbers
Detection of conflicts between the location of the cardholder and their credit card
 Payment services
Integration with additional payment services
 Payment gateways
Integration with payment gateways
 Data storage
Integration with secure data storage system
 Multi-currency support
Integration with multi-currency processing services
 Delivery services
Integration with delivery services
Integration with geolocation services
Integration with third-party CMS-solutions
 Loyalty programs
Integration with various loyalty programs
Integration with discount savings programs

Project Portfolio

Gold Circle Systems Online Store

Axmor developed an online store for jewelry, diamonds, and watches. The online store is deeply integrated with our customer’s legacy systems as well as with third-party payment and shipping companies.

Retail market workflow automation software

Axmor specialists developed a software solution for quick configuration of retail outlets, analytical reports generation, and effective management of retail outlets.

Payment Aggregator

A dedicated development center at Axmor created a complex software solution for payment processing. It is integrated with a large number of acquiring banks and processing centers, supports various payment methods, detects suspicious transactions, and securely stores payment and personal data.

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