Unified Сommunications. VoIP Solutions Development

We develop unified communications software based on Asterisk and FreeSWITCH PBX and implement additional functionality to improve call center agent performance and operational efficiency.

13 years
of experience in unified communications systems development
30 000+
companies already use our systems for business communications

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Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, openSIPS, Kamailio
pjsip 2 (iPhone, Android, PC)
Salesforce, Outlook, Windows TAPI, Google Docs

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Types of Technological Solutions

Flexible Deployment Options

  • On-premise installation for maximum security and control
  • Cloud installation with failover features

PBX Features

  • Most popular open source solutions: Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, openSIPS
  • Call barging, voicemail, conference, video, hold, park
  • VoIP trunks for cheap international calls

Unified Communications Features

  • Integration with 3-rd party services (Salesforce, Google, etc)
  • Extended call logs, Single Sign On, Visual voicemail, messaging, screen share integration

Web Solutions

  • Audio and video calls over WebRTC using popular web browsers
  • Availability from any place and any device

How We Work

We use Agile for projects with clear business objectives and undefined technical specifications to leave some room for hypothesis testing.

Iterative development with repetitive software development life cycle. One iteration lasts from 2 weeks up to a month.

Fixed cost for projects with detailed technical specifications, that are without the need for customized solutions. Project plan approval for 3-6 months.

On the specification phase, the project features are clearly determined to prevent misinterpreted requirements.

Our Advantages

Under US legislation

We work under the US laws and standards, conducting banking operations, signing contracts and maintaining all documentation in the USA.

Project infrastructure based on US servers

All project infrastructure is provisioned on US-based servers, including all source code repositories, data backups, full documentation knowledge base and logs.

Flexible approach

We approach each project individually. We focus on building strong and trustful relationships with our partners, actively working together and communicating as a single team.

Intellectual Property Protection

We sign an NDA prior to project evaluation, and transfer all rights to the software product and the source code to the customer after the project's completion.

Solving complex and atypical problems

Design and development of custom software for automation of unique business processes that go beyond out-of-the-box solutions.

Transparency of business processes

To provide complete transparancy we have weekly meetings, demo sessions, and training during appropriate project phases. We share access to our issue tracking and project management systems, and are open to making additional accomodations depending on customer's requirements.

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