Mobile apps development

As a mobile app development company we design and develop custom business solutions that are tailored specific business needs, integrated with your IT systems.

15 years
Axmor is a custom mobile apps development company
experienced software developers
successful projects

Business problem solving

Retail apps

High-tech apps

Telecom apps

Air Cargo service mobile apps

Consulting and auditing apps

POS apps

Social media apps

Business process automation apps

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Custom Mobile App Development Life Cycle

Solution Design

As a mobile app development company we can develop custom business solutions that are tailored specific business needs.

UX/UI Design

Development of high-quality, contemporary application design.

Implementation of iOS and Android solutions

Apps development for iOS and Android.

Mobile App Backend Services

Development of App backend services with business logic, data processing and storage.

Apps testing and quality assurance

Mobile App/Device testing and bug-fixing.

Customer support and product evolution

Customer feedback and complaints resolution. Application incremental improvements.

How we work

Our mobile app developers are vigorously using agile development for projects with definite and clear business objectives, without detailed technical specifications with the opportunity to conduct hypothesis testing.

Iterative development with repetitive software development life cycle. Iteration life period from 2 weeks up to a month.

Fixed cost for projects with detailed technical specifications, that are without the need for customized solutions. Project plan approval for 3-6 months.

On the specification phase, the project features are clearly determined to prevent misinterpreted requirements.

Our Advantages

We design and develop custom tailored mobile apps

Fast project start-up

We are ready to start developing without detailed specification of the requirements, based on your vision of the product.

Continuous Delivery

A flexible development methodology ensures the delivery of the application throughout the project life cycles.

Source code copyrights transfer

All reserved rights to the developed software and its source code are transferred to the customer.

Customer satisfaction and quality assurance

To build strong customer connections we conduct weekly meetings, demo sessions and training during the project phases.

We Are Trusted By

We will propose the best solution for your business!

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