Business Intelligence Services

We analyze your data, find value, and create a complete custom Business Intelligence (BI) solution for working with large volumes of information.

The BI system works stably without outside control and does not require in-depth preparation of the end user.

Business Intelligence Services
7 years
developing the Business Intelligence system
experienced specialists on the team
people already using our system in making optimal decisions
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Technologies. Hadoop Ecosystem

We build solutions based on the Hadoop Ecosystem, taking into account the nature and volume of your data, solvable tasks and ways of interacting with the final system.

Analytical tools for prototyping
Zeppelin, Jupiter Notebooks
Programming languages
Python, Scala, Java

Our Areas of Specialization


Extracting data to efficiently solve business problems

Data aggregation

Collection and storage of data from various sources in real time

Processing big data

Processing large volumes of unstructured data

Processing data streams

Processing large streams of information in real time

Machine learning

Automatic detection of regularities within data

Predictive analytics

Creating forecasts for making optimal business decisions

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Components of the Business Intelligence System


Secure and reliable database with the ability to configure replication and parallelization

Data Processors

Fault tolerant, flexible, high performance processors with an advanced diagnostics and logging system

Data Aggregation Services

Fault tolerant and self-repairing services, designed to not allow the possibility of data inconsistency


Intuitive management system, requiring minimal effort to educate users

Utility Services

Notification system, generation and distribution of reports, etc.

How we create Business Intelligence software

Stage I. Prototyping


Discussion of ideas; Creating tasks for the prototype

Receipt and validation of sampling

Preliminary analysis; Sampling processing

Analytics and hypothesis testing

Searching for relationships among data;

Demonstration of results

Implementation of chosen metrics and analytics; Iterative prototyping

Stage II. Production Solution

Preparation of technical specifications (TS) for production solution

Determination of the project architecture and infrastructure; Creation of the development plan

Development of data aggregator and web-solutions

Creation of a fail-proof system for uninterrupted data collection; Interface preparation

Integration into client infrastructure

Implementation of the developed system into existing infrastructure

Development and support

Support services; user consultations

Our Advantages

Mobile BI application

The ability to quickly transfer the Business Intelligence software into a mobile environment.

Effective Partnership With Clients

We work with the client within a single team framework by holding weekly meetings and showing demo versions of the application.

BI solution in the Cloud

We create and implement the system on a variety of platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services и IBM BlueMix.

Data Science Team

Our analysts have degrees in mathematics and physics and are trained in data analysis techniques
Everyone is a programmer with experience in participating in creating and supporting enterprise systems.

US legislation

We work under US laws and standards, conducting banking operations, signing contracts and maintaining all documentation in the USA.

Project infrastructure based on US servers

The project infrastructure is provisioned on US-based servers, all source code repositories, data backups, full documentation knowledge base and logs are security stored there.

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