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The number of people suffering from degenerative eye disease increases dramatically with every passing year. The problem is especially acute for the elderly, whose vision is rapidly falling and patients with diabetes.

Macular degeneration

In patients such as these, early detection is the key to prolonging sharp, clear vision. In order to monitor changes in their vision patients have to visit the doctor on regular basis. Unfortunately, in most cases medical insurance is not enough to cover the costs of frequent visits to the doctor and patients are forced to pay for visits independently.

Our client spent five years developing an intuitive test that would enable patients to monitor changes in their vision at home.

Software Solution

Axmor team developed a mobile app for patients based on our client’s test. The app helps to track eye disease progression detecting changes for early intervention and automatically alerting a health care provider in the case of significant deterioration.

Main Features

Monitoring and Tracking Progression

Four circles pop up on the screen, one of which is an irregular shape. The patient touches one that looks different. With each tap of the screen, another four circles appear, and each time, the user makes a choice.

As the patient becomes more familiar with using the  test, it becomes more difficult and adapts to the speed at which the user works through the test.

In order to track any change in vision function, patients need to do the test twice a week.

Automatic Alerts

Every patient’s test results are uploaded to the physician’s portal where they can monitor and track each patient’s performance and disease progression. If a significant deterioration in visual function is suspected, the app will immediately alert a doctor via email or phone. The doctor can then review the case, call the patient in for an assessment and begin a course of treatment.

Patient Register

Each doctor can register new patients, monitor existing patient’ performance, disease progression and treatment history all from the physician’s portal.

Analyzing Data

The mobile app gives physicians access to data relating to patient numbers, the status of active and non-active test participants and the total number of completed tests.

Provided Value

  • The application Axmor developed has eliminated the need for paper testing and has a 98%  efficiency rate in detecting changes in vision wellness.
  • App has received clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • The software provides strong data protection in accordance with healthcare data security standards. Axmor is able to offer such high standards due to the robust data storage and encryption methods we use.


Core technologies
Protobuf, MVP, NDK, Glide, EventBus
Mobile Platforms
Google Android, Apple iPhone/iPad
Data storage & handling
SQLite, Secured preferences, MySQL
Web user interface
Angular2, Bootstrap
RFSW, Jenkins

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