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Remote access to SPSS Statistics application functionality


IBM SPSS Statistics is the most popular software tool used for statistical analysis; however, the desktop version marketed by IBM is expensive and can be accessed only from the device on which it was first installed. In order to attract new users, our customer decided to provide remote access to SPSS Statistics in the form of an affordable SaaS solution.


Axmor developed a solution that enables users to access the functionality of SPSS Statistics remotely. The solution includes a web-based user interface and a server that stores the licensed desktop version of SPSS Statistics and data files.

Microsoft ASP.NET
MS SQL Server
Telerik Reporting
Telerik RadControls for Silverlight
IBM SPSS SDKs and I/O Modules
User Registration

Our client manages user registration via the administration panel. Each user only has access to their own copy of the application, which can be accessed via a unique URL.

Data Files Selection

The server stores the files with survey or poll data using the .sav extension. Through the web interface, users can select a data file on the server, work with the data in read-only mode, or edit the file using the functionality of SPSS Statistics.

Data Analysis

Users have access to information on frequency counts and percentages of the values of individual variables. Users can create crosstabs to analyze data according to individual variables and their combinations and can apply a wide spectrum of filters.

Data Editing

Using the web interface, users can edit data files stored on the server. Both the values of individual cells and whole columns can be edited. For example, table columns can be swapped easily using drag-and-drop.

Data Visualization

The results of data analysis can be viewed as charts or diagrams.


Users can generate analytical reports and download them as PDF files.

Provided Value
  • Key features of the desktop version of SPSS Statistics are supported for data handling.
  • The functionality of the application is easily accessible from any Internet-connected PCs, tablets, or smartphones.
  • No additional software is necessary because of the HTML5-based user interface.
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