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Automatic Distributors has been engaged in the wholesale and retail trade of powersports industry goods for over 45 years. To seize new business opportunities, our customer decided to develop a B2B online store.

We have been a long time customer of Axmor, now exceeding four years. They have been absolutely fantastic - far surpassing our expectations. They are extremely responsive to our needs and provide exceptional support when needed. We are very pleased with their work and the time it has taken to complete our requests. It is too bad that not more companies have the responsiveness and work ethic we have found with Axmor. I would highly recommend you absolutely consider Axmor as an option for your next project. Jeff Graham, Automatic Distributors

Software Solution

Axmor developed an online store selling outdoor clothing as well as parts and accessories for the snowmobile, street bike, ATV, UTV, motocross, marine, and trailer industries. This is a B2B online store that sells only to corporate clients including wholesale companies, dealers, and distributors.

  • Login Page
  • Search by brand
  • A stock item information
  • Order Placement

Range of Goods and Prices

Each client can view the range of goods and their prices with special terms and conditions as well as discounts upon registering a personal account. Clients can browse through the catalog, search for specific items, and filter search results.

Order Placement and Payments

Clients can place orders and easily modify them later. Orders can be paid for using credit cards and net-terms open accounts.

Tracking Orders

Once the order has been paid for, the client receives detailed order status notifications (processed, shipped, or delivered) by email.

Application Integration

Axmor integrated the online store with the customer's legacy ERP system as well as with a number of external services and systems.

Integration with ERP

We fully integrated the online store with the customer's ERP system. It contains the database of registered clients and manages bonuses of loyal clients. Moreover, the ERP system is connected to a payment gateway, so the online store can accept credit cards.

Integration with Delivery Services

Axmor used standard APIs to integrate the online store with the popular UPS and USPS delivery services. Now clients can select delivery methods by themselves, and easily track their orders.

Integration with Amazon and eBay

Our developers integrated the online store with Amazon and eBay using Amazon Marketplace Web Service and eBay API. This diversified our customer’s trade channels.

Provided Value

  • Significantly reduced workload of our customer's sales managers leading to fewer errors when processing and delivering orders.
  • Scalability and high performance of the solution allowing the customer to work with a wide variety of goods (some 200,000 item names) and a large number of corporate clients (over 4,500 companies).
  • Convenient 24/7 ordering access and simplified document flow.


Core Technologies
Java, Play Framework
Data Handling
Microsoft SQL Server, Memcached
Web User Interface
JavaScript, HTML KickStart Framework
Application Integration
AWS Marketplace, eBay API, RESTEasy

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