POS Application for Jewelry store

The Customer

Gold Circle Systems company develops software solutions for e-Commerce and retail.

The Goal

The existing retail automation software products on the market do not reflect the specifics of the jewelry store and workshop, and re-design will require significant costs. For this reason, the company Gold Circle Systems approached Axmor for the development of POS application. This application should automate retail sales in the jewelry store and fully integrate with other systems of our customer.

The Solution

Axmor developed a desktop POS application to automate the retail of jewelry products, watches and diamonds, as well as maintenance services. The application users are salespeople and the owners of the jewelry store.

Sales Processing

Utilizing the developed POS application allows salespeople to quickly calculate the purchase price and register the sale of goods and services.

Purchase Payment

The POS application allows to make full or split purchase payments with cash, bank cards or cheques.

Goods reservation

Upon the customer's request, the salesperson can reserve goods for a certain period of time. During the reservation, this item will not be available for sale to other customers.

Return of Goods

The developed POS application allows customer to return goods due to faulty products or within the period established by law.


In addition to product sales, our client trades-in used watches and jewelry, in exchange for products from within the stores range. The solution developed by Axmor allows to determine the surcharge amount when exchanging used goods for products from the jewelry stores range, as well as set a price mark-up on such goods in their further sale.

Sales Analysis

We have designed and developed a complex filtering option, allowing for the generation of multiple parameters reports and save the created filters for future use.

Inventory Goods Management Module

Axmor has also developed a software solution for stock inventory and integrated it into the POS app.

Product tags

Each product has its own tag with a detailed description, image and up-to-date information about the stock availability.

Product groups

Due to the various specificity of the products, there are three different groups in which products are sorted into: jewelry, watches and diamonds. Additionally, the products are subdivided into a unique groups like: handmade, available only in a singular copy, and serial: available in multiple. Gift cards and services, such as watch cleaning or diamond valuation, are separate categories.

Product Search

By a barcode or RFID code the salesperson can easily locate the required product, using the convenient search features to search for the product on various parameters such as price category, material, manufacturer and more. The search software developed by Axmor supports global symbols, allowing to sort the results.


Axmor has integrated the developed POS application with third-party external services and internal customer systems.

Payment gateway integration

Axmor developers plugged in the developed POS app to the Gate PathwayLINK Payment Gateway to enable customers to pay for their purchases with bank cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Customer CRM system integration

We have integrated the POS app with the Axmor's developed CRM system, in which the system owner stores detailed information about regular customers and customer relationship history. This integration allows our client to offer a flexible system of individual discounts to regular customers and register partial payment purchases.

Customer's Online-Store Integration

The stock management model is integrated with the online store, ensuring that the customer website always contains the latest catalogues and accurate information about stock availability. In addition, our customer can manage which products are available for internet sales. This integration also manages quick online purchase order registrations, notifying customers about the order status. POS system and online store data sync performs in real-time.

Diamonds Appraisal Assessment External Service Integration

Axmor has integrated the developed POS application with the reputable Rapaport Service, estimating the diamonds pricing according to their value. Users can now enter the stones characteristics into the POS application to find out the recommended sales price.


  • The developed POS application fully takes into account all the specifics of our customer's business.
  • Utilized open source API allows the developed POS app to interact with a wide range of cashier tools: barcode scanners, RFID codes, tag readers, web cameras for photographing jewelry, thermal printers for printing checks and much more.
  • The plug-in support allows to quickly add new features to the POS app without architectural change.


Core technologies
ASP.NET, WCF, MS SQL Server, T-Gate PathwayLINK Payment Gateway

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