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POS applications help automate sales and monitor important aspects of the retail business. Managers can see when a shop or POS terminal is out of service, get quick reports on discounts, currency flow and goods availability. Learn more about our expertise in POS application development for iOS- and Android-based smartphones.


Bluefish Retail Ltd provides services and software solutions to automate retail sales.

We've been using Axmor for a number of years both as our core development team and for monitoring of our live cloud server environment. The application is business critical for our customers so it was key for us to build a relationship with a partner we could rely on. We've found Axmor staff to be professional, capable and flexible; they've been able to increase and decrease resource according to our needs and have always gone the extra mile to help us out with customer issues or to quickly diagnose and fix production problems. We'd be happy to recommend Axmor as a development partner for any company needing external technical resource.. Jeremy Doyle, Bluefish Retail Ltd


Develop an easy-to-use and reliable software solution for directors, managers, and cashiers to automate retail sales.

Software Solution

Axmor developed a software solution to automate trade in retail outlets, cafes, and restaurants. The solution includes an application for POS machines (for cashiers and shop managers) and a web application (for directors). We also created an application mobile version supported by tablet devices for cashiers.

Quick Configuration

Using the web application (a console), directors can determine the number of shops and POS terminals serviced, the range of goods, currency accepted, methods of payment, discounts, taxes and even more. They can also change this information easily further on.

Processing Sales Operations

With the software installed on POS terminals, cashiers can check customers out and process the sales quickly and easily. The solution supports a wide range of payment processing equipment: touch screens, barcode scanners, cash boxes, check printers, PIN pads, and customers' displays.

Trading Process Management

Using the web console, directors can create analytical reports on sales for a certain period of time, on each cash register clerk, on type of goods, and on current shelf stock. Also, shop managers can view information on sales, goods availability and cash register clerks' working hours through a POS terminal. This enables to monitor sales changes in real time, manage the warehouse efficiently, and automate stock account and inventory control.

Integration with an Online Store

We integrated the software with Magento, a popular e-commerce platform. If a company has a Magento-based online store, its director can view sales statistics on the Internet through our solution's web console.

Offline Operation Option

If no Internet connection is available, the software for POS terminals and the mobile application go offline, continuing to process sales and save the data. Upon resuming the Internet connection, all the data saved are sent to a server automatically.

In 2013, Bluefish Retail Ltd. won the annual Richmond Business Awards for the Best Business for Innovation & Technology with its retail software.

Provided Value for Users

User-friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface with an attractive design has been optimized to allow cashiers to perform trade operations quickly and easily. Users can learn on the fly how to operate this application, regardless of their level of experience.

Mobile Version

We developed a mobile version of the software to be installed on sellers' or waiters' tablet devices. Now they can register sales from anywhere in the room, not just at the cash register.

Data Security

Our clients can be confident in the security of their commercial information: the software architecture enables you to securely separate confidential data on a server.

Provided Value for the Customer

  • Taking a subscription fee for using this POS as a service.
  • Servicing a large amount of users at a time due to an easily scalable software solution.
  • Fail-safe operation of the solution thanks to its monitoring by the Axmor engineers.


Core Technologies
Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, MySQL
Message Queuing & Routing
Active MQ, Apache Camel
Web User Interface
Google Web Toolkit
Mobile User Interface
PhoneGap, Sencha Touch
Cloud Hosting
Dimension Data Cloud

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