Mobile Unified Communications Application

A secure unified communications system is essential to strong internal communications. It provides employees with a fast, reliable connection which can be used remotely. Custom mobile unified communications software creation is one of Axmor Software’s main services. Learn more about our expertise in the development of VoIP apps for iOS- and Android-based smartphones.


To develop a mobile application for a company that provides VoIP services. This application helps employees to manage in-house communications efficiently. They can take external calls coming to an internal office number, regardless of their location. The target audience of the mobile application we developed is small and medium-sized companies that want to improve the efficiency of their corporate communications.

Software Solution

Axmor developed a mobile unified communications application. Employees have access to all the basic functionality of the unified communications system. To access the mobile application, the user needs an account in the system.The application has a remarkably easy-to-use call control, a user-friendly interface, and high rates of data transmission and processing. It requires no further configuration and is ready to use immediately after login. The corporate identity was taken into account, when developing a mobile application.

Voice calls

The user interface supports voice calling over the Internet (VoIP). With this application, an active call can be rerouted to another employee, a call can be put on hold or transferred, and the user can keep talking using another device (switching from a mobile phone to an IP phone and vice versa without disrupting the conversation). Another person can be invited to the conversation, or the call can be continued as a conference call. Also, other features of mobile application can be used during a call and several calls can be taken at a time. Any call can be recorded and saved on the server.

Contact list

The contact list includes company's employees. It shows users' availability and information on missed calls. The application offers both search and contact sorting options.

Text chat

Employees can exchange text messages with each other, view message and call logs.


Employees can take part in conference calls, invite other participants, and create private conference calls. When necessary, a password can be set for joining a conference.

Push notifications

Employees can opt to receive notifications about new and missed calls to manage their communications more efficiently.

Provided Value

  • Single user account to access VoIP service from both mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • Traffic optimization through a special protocol we developed to support effective data exchange between a mobile client and a server.
  • Presence status is synchronized when mobile and desktop clients are used simultaneously.
  • Mobile client is integrated into an existing IP telephony system to share the corporate contact list, message logs, and call logs.


VoIP Libraries
pjsip 2 (iPhone, Android, PC)
VoIP Back End
Programming Languages
Java, JScript, Objective-C, C++, C#, XSLT
MySQL, Couche base, SQL lite, HTML5 Local Storage
Windows, Linux, Mac OSx, Amazon EC2
Web User Interface
AngularJS, React JS, jQuery, OAuth 2.0
Mobile Platforms
Google Android, Apple iPhone/iPad
Media Protocols
SIP, RTP, HTTP long polling, XMPP
Salesforce, Outlook, Windows TAPI, Google Docs

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