Social Network for Digital Content Collaboration

A social network that helps users to collaborate when writing lyrics and music or making videos.


To develop a social network that helps users to collaborate when writing lyrics and music or making videos.


Axmor has developed a social network for creative collaboration that is available on iOS and Android devices.

Logging in via Facebook

We integrated this social network with Facebook, so that users can use their Facebook logins and passwords to sign on.

Sharing Content

Mobile social network users can configure the settings to automatically post content that they have created to their Facebook and Twitter profiles due to the integration with these social networks. Moreover, users can send their friends links to their posts via email without exiting this mobile application.

Accessing Dropbox Cloud Storage

Due to the integration with Dropbox, users can download lyrics, music, and videos directly from their Dropbox folders to the mobile social network.

Microsoft Azure
Creating a User Profile

When creating profiles, users add their personal data and information about their creative interests, and can configure notification settings for news and events. In these personal profiles, users are then able to view statistics on the content that they have posted or created including comments, and view how other users have used their content, poll results, etc.

Keeping in Touch with Friends

Social network users can add each other to their friend lists and exchange ideas by using publicly readable replies and mentions.

Posting Content

The mobile application developed by Axmor has access to smartphone cameras, enabling users to immediately post their photos and videos to this social network. In addition, users can post content stored on their smartphones such as lyrics or audio, photos, and video files.

Finding Content

Users can quickly find the photos, sounds, videos or lyrics they are interested in via a convenient search tool.

Creating Content

The mobile application developed by Axmor allows social network users to generate new content (mixes) by combining existing ones, adding sounds or text to a video, creating slideshows with music, and much more. Users can use both their own content and content posted by others.

Encouraging Collaboration

Users can offer their own ideas for other people's mixes, leave comments on improving mixes, and vote for the content they like.

Administering the Social Network

Axmor designed a web application that allows the administrators of the social network to remove any content that is illegal or violates the network’s terms of use. They can also block users who post this type of content.

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