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Our client owns a large regional chain of food stores consisting of 3 hypermarkets and 16 supermarkets. The client decided to develop a mobile application with a view to increasing customer loyalty and enhancing customer experience.

Software Solution

Axmor developed a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms enabling buyers to plan purchases, access information on current promotional offers and view up-to-date product ranges.

Main Features

User registration

To register, the user enters their mobile telephone number and a code which they receive as a text message.

Discounts and special offers

The application incorporates a special offers search function according to store format, categories, products and brands. Based on the data entered, a list of special offers is created which gives a detailed description of each offer and its terms and conditions.

If a user likes an offer, they can share it with friends via popular messengers.

The buyer can also choose frequently visited stores in the ‘Favorite supermarkets’ section and view the current offers in these stores specifically.

Loyalty program

The application also gives buyers access to all the information relevant to their loyalty card: purchasing history and points balance. The loyalty card can easily be activated with the help of a text message sent to the number shown in the customer's form.

The buyer can also use the mobile application instead of a card at in-store tills.

Shopping list

To make planning purchases more convenient, the buyer has access to a shopping list. Buyers can add their desired products to the list, delete goods they have already bought and edit items previously added to the list.

Buyers can share their shopping lists with friends and relatives and synchronize their lists in real time.


Using push notifications buyers can quickly learn about great offers, promotions and news.

Getting feedback

Feedback from users is collected through reviews and questionnaires about buyers' in-store experience.

Provided Value

  • Up-to-date brochures showing current promotions and offers instead of paper catalogs
  • Plastic loyalty cards replaced by a smartphone app
  • Integration of mobile showcase with actual products and prices


Programming languages and technologies
PHP, JavaScript, Java (Android), Objective-C (OS), REST, SMPP
Yii2, Twitter Bootstrap, CKEditor, DataTables.js, Codeception, Capistrano
Mobile Platforms
Google Android, Apple iPhone/iPad

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