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Developing software for mobile devices (including POS applications) is one of Axmor Software’s main services. We have created more than 125 mobile projects and know how to integrate complex software solutions into your business processes. POS mobile system provides sellers with quick, user-friendly payment services allowing them to easily monitor and manage each individual payment . Here’s our case study on POS application development.


Sparrow provides software solutions to process payments, detect fraudulent transactions, and store payment and personal customer data securely.


To develop a mobile POS application that sellers in online and retail stores as well as delivery and taxi services can use to process payments away from desktop computers.

Software Solution

Axmor developed mobile POS application for iOS and Android platforms. This mobile application is quick and easy to use. Its functionality is close to that of the desktop version. We also developed a fully-featured version for iPad, because its screen size ensures user-friendly payment processing.

Accepting Credit Cards

Users of this mobile application can make payments with credit and debit cards of the main payment systems. It provides the main types of transactions, including Authorization, Sale, Capture, Void, Refund, Credit, and Settlemen.

Accepting Additional Payment Methods

In addition to credit cards, the application supports additional payment methods such as checks, ACH, and Star Card.

Supporting Various Data Entry Methods

Sellers can enter payment details either with a card reader or manually. This supports both basic and additional payment methods.

Entering Payment Details

The mobile application enables sellers to calculate the amount of taxes, tips and other payment types so payments can be easily monitored and managed.

Capturing Signature on a Smartphone Screen

Buyers can sign directly on a device screen to confirm a payment.

Processing deferred payments

In case of connectivity break or fail of payment system server, sellers can create deferred payments. After the connection is restored, all the deferred payments can be settled.

Receiving receipts via email

Buyers can request a detailed receipt to be sent to their emails.

Viewing transaction history

The mobile application can show a detailed history of previous transactions as well as sort transactions by their status (completed, failed, pending).

Provided Value

  • The mobile application fully complies with all PCI DSS and PA-DSS security standards.
  • Connecting the application to a powerful anti-fraud system adds efficient real-time payment monitoring for identification and rejection of suspicious transactions.
  • Mirroring and segmentation of servers and databases are used to support high performance of the mobile application.


Mobile Platforms
iOS, Android
Core Technologies
C#, .NET, WCF, Objective-C, WinForms
Data Storage & Handling
Microsoft SQL Server, LINQ, ADO.NET
Web User Interface
JavaScript, jQuery, DevExpress ASP.NET
PGP, 3DES, Rijndael, RSA

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