Mobile Payment Application

An application that enables sellers to accept payments for goods and services without the need for stationary cash registers.


Oftentimes, making a purchase is the last interaction a customer will have with your company. They will evaluate your services as a whole based on this final interaction. The development of a custom mobile payment app provides you with a reliable tool which makes payments easy, quick and secure. Below is our case study relating to the development of a mobile payment application.

Our client has a payment gateway and offers e-payment services. To increase its market share, the customer decided to develop a mobile application that would enable the sellers to accept payments directly from mobile phones, replacing expensive cash terminals.


Axmor developed a mobile POS application for iOS- and Android-based smartphones and tablets. The application enables sellers to accept payments for goods and services without the need for stationary cash registers.

Main Features
Making a Payment

The seller can enter detailed data of a payment: payment amount, tax rate, and tip amount.

Sending a Receipt via Email

When making a payment, buyers are presented with the option of having the receipt sent to their e-mail. .

Entering Cardholder Data

The seller can enter the buyer's bank card data manually or by using a MagTek card reader.

Capturing a Signature on a Smartphone Screen

Buyers can sign directly on the screen of mobile devices, thereby keeping the entire payment transaction paperless.

Payment Cancellation and Refund

If the seller incorrectly entered the cardholder's data or the payment amount, the transaction can be canceled. If payment cancellation is no longer possible, the seller can easily make a refund.

Payment History and Analytical Reports

The seller can review the payment history and generate analytical reports according to the type of bank cards and the time of transactions.

Provided Value
  • The mobile POS application works flawlessly on the majority of Android devices due to virtual testing conducted using the Keynote Mobile Testing service.
  • The mobile POS application does not store sensitive authentication data of bank cards and fully complies with other requirements of information security standards in the payment card industry − PCI DSS and PA-DSS.
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