Smart Intercom Mobile Application

A mobile application designed to redirect intercom calls to the resident’s phone and stream video from surveillance cameras.


The "Sputnik" company manufactures intercoms, which call residents on their phone and records everything that happens on the porch.


The customer has requested us to design and develop a custom mobile application that forwards the call from the intercom to the resident’s smartphone, streams video from CCTV cameras and allows them to remotely open the entrance door.

Software Solution

Axmor has designed and developed a custom mobile application for devices on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android platforms.

Personal Account

The resident’s personal data is stored in the account: surname, residential address and other personal details.

Intercom Call Forwarding

If the resident cannot come to the door or is not at home at the time, the intercom call will be forwarded to the mobile phone, showing the caller and allowing the resident to answer the intercom call.

CCTV Camera Access

CCTV cameras are streamed to the phone in real-time. There is an opportunity to see what is happening outside the door at all times.

Remote Door Opening System

When the mobile app receives a transmitted call from the video intercom, the resident has the opportunity to either remotely open the door or refuse the caller.


Mobile Platforms
Google Android, Apple iPhone/iPad
Programming languages and basic technologies
Swift, Java (Android) — native development tools

How it works

Our custom application allows the resident to remotely answer intercom calls, see the caller and decide whether to open the door or not. A personal account is utilized during the session. Additionally, video streams from CCTV cameras are available at any time of the day, even when there are no incoming calls from the intercom.

Our advantages

Development Transparency

We provide our customers full access to our task manager, and are also ready to deploy a task manager when it’s convenient for you. At any time you can be updated on the project status.

Quick project start

At the start of the project we will discuss your project vision and requirements, so that they can be embedded into the project, helping you reach your objectives and getting us ready to begin the development stage.

Full Development Life Cycle

We provide a full project development life cycle: from gathering system requirements and design implementation to deployment, post development maintenance and support.

Intellectual Property Protection and NDA

We sign the NDA at the project evaluation stage and transfer all software product rights and its source code to the customer.

Active Interaction

Throughout the project development stages, we regularly hold meetings, present demos and clarify future tasks.

High Product Quality

We utilize an individual development approach with regular specification reviews, strict projects deadlines and strong budget management to ensure high-quality product development.

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