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Our customer has a large network of health care institutions. Several disconnected information systems stored information about patients, personal management, and financial performance. Some data was even stored in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Such a fragmentation of data resources made it difficult to find necessary information. The customer wanted to develop a portal that would facilitate access to all information systems and data exchange by the employees.

Software Solution

The programmers of Axmor developed a corporate portal that allowed the customer to provide the employees with easy access to internal information resources such as data on admission, personnel files, salary, bonuses and staff development. Users of the portal include both regular staff and heads of divisions, so we implemented multiple access levels in the portal.

  • Search for employees by department
  • Single sign-on for all corporate information
  • Salary and bonuses
  • Patient records

Single Point of Access

The corporate portal provides employees with a single point of access to all information systems of the company with a user-friendly interface.

Admission Data

The employees can use the corporate portal to register a new patient, schedule an appointment and manage care files. This allows the heads of departments to monitor workload of doctors and quality of their work.

Personnel Files

Personnel profile contains information about the status of the employee (on duty, on leave, quit), department and responsibilities. This information is available on the corporate portal to any employee of the company.


Each employee can find information on his salary, taxes and fees withdrawn, and view the payment history for a period directly on the corporate portal. This information is confidential and is available to the employee only.

Staff Development

The information about employees' education, qualification, certificates and trainings is also available on the corporate portal. This allows the head of departments to plan training of personnel.


Development of the portal enabled integration of the internal information resources of the company with the CRM system and financial system of a partner health center. Now, the employees of the customer can view bonuses they earn for selling health care services of the partner.


Convenient search functionality on the portal helps find information about employees by name, department or identification number.


The employees can exchange messages via the corporate portal. This is particularly convenient for the employees who work in different facilities.

Provided Value

  • More efficient use of the work time of the employees due to lower search and data processing time.
  • Effective interaction between separate medical facilities within the network of the customer.
  • Simpler business processes between the customer and his partners.


Core Technologies
Java, IBM WebSphere Portal
Data Sources
Microsoft AD, Oracle DB, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook (via VBA)
Instant Messaging

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