Bank Loyalty Program


Develop a web-based application for a Loyalty Program that allows the bank's clients to manage their reward points.

Software Solution

Axmor programmers developed a web application for the Customer Loyalty Program of the bank that allows the bank's clients to check the balance of their reward points and exchange the points for goods and services.

Checking the Reward Point Balance

The bank's clients earn reward points for banking transactions. Clients can check their reward point balance through their member accounts, which retrieve information from the bank’s internal financial system.

SMS Account Alerts

We integrated the application with a bulk SMS provider so that the bank's clients could promptly receive registration confirmation notifications and find out their reward point balance. SMS are also used to send new passwords to clients and to change one’s phone number or email address.

Refer a Friend

The application allows the bank's clients to gain points by participating in the referral and agent reward programs aimed at attracting new clients. Clients can send an SMS directly from their accounts to invite friends to use the bank's services.

Using Reward Points

Clients can view the list of goods and services of the bank's retail partners on their accounts. They can then redeem their reward points for goods and services directly through their accounts.

Our extensive experience in custom software development helped us implement the application for the Loyalty Program on a limited budget. The platform was ready to launch on schedule.

Provided Value

  • Client loyalty has increased thanks to the reward points they can now earn.
  • The referral and agent reward programs have led to an increase in clients.
  • The company now has one more advertising channel to display special offers.


Core Technologies
Java, Spring Framework
Data Storage & Handling
PostgreSQL, Hibernate
Access Separation
Spring Security

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