Online Jewelry Store

B2C online store for jewelry, diamonds, and watches.


To develop an online store and integrate it with our client’s CRM and POS systems as well as with popular delivery services.


Our client, Gold Circle Systems, develops e-commerce and retail software. Axmor developed an online store for jewelry, diamonds, and watches. The online store is deeply integrated with our customer’s legacy systems as well as with third-party payment and shipping companies.

Axmor integrated the online store with popular third-party services and our customer’s legacy systems.

Integration with a Payment Gateway

We integrated the online store with T-Gate PathwayLINK so that the store could accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. The online store is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and has been certified by Trustwave Holdings, Inc.

Integration with PayPal

We integrated the online store with PayPal to widen the range of payment options. This also allows unregistered buyers to pay for products and arrange for shipment using their PayPal profile.

Integration with Delivery Companies

The online store is integrated with APIs of delivery companies that accept small packages such as USPS and UPS. This allows buyers to select a shipping company and method. The shipping cost is calculated automatically. Moreover, shipping labels for orders are printed out automatically for the store employees. The buyer receives a code to track the delivery status of the order.

Integration with a Custom-built CRM System

Axmor programmers integrated the online store with the CRM system previously developed by Axmor. Our client had been using it to store personal information on buyers and historical sales data. Integrating these systems made it possible for our client to track online purchase statistics and receive up-to-date information on, for example payment and delivery status.

Integration with a Custom-built POS System

To merge our customer’s two sales channels (shops and online store), we integrated the online store with a POS system previously developed by Axmor. This POS system has computerized the sales and inventory management in all of our client’s stores. The company can now provide up-to-date prices and product information in its online store. Furthermore, orders can be placed quickly, and buyers can track their orders. Data is synchronized between the online store and the POS system on an almost real-time basis.

MS SQL Server
T-Gate PathwayLINK Payment Gateway PayPal API
Endicia Label Server
Buyer Registration

In order to buy goods on the store’s website, buyers are required to register. The address that the buyer registers is automatically used as the shipping address. Registration also makes future purchases more convenient.

Product Catalogs

Three separate catalogs are available online: jewelry, diamonds, and watches. All products in the catalogs have detailed descriptions and photos. Three-dimensional images are even available for some items. Buyers can search by brand, designer, model, price, materials, and other categories.

Shopping Cart

After selecting a product from the catalog, buyers can review and, if necessary, make changes to their shopping cart. They choose a shipping method and can enter a promotion coupon code. The total cost of the order is then calculated.

Paying for the Order

Accepted payment methods include credit cards, gift cards, or PayPal.

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