Corporate HR Portal


Our customer is a large production company that has five reinforced concrete factories. The customer asked Axmor to develop an internal company portal to manage HR information.

Software Solution

Axmor developed a corporate HR portal for managing the company's human resources information. The portal is available to all employees at the five remote factories, which are connected by a local network (intranet).

User Management

We integrated the HR portal into the company's existing IT infrastructure using LDAP so that existing individual profiles in the local network could be used to access the portal. Given the particular job title hierarchy in this company, we chose not to create a list of standard user roles. Instead, we used discretionary access control that provides flexible rights configurations for each user.

Company Structure

The portal provides detailed information on the company structure such as departments, heads, number of employees, and position hierarchy.

Personnel Files

The corporate portal includes a personnel files database. Each employee file contains his or her personal information, position, hire date, and wages. Users can also view the archives of former staff.


The convenient search engine allows managers to easily find the file of any employee on their team. Due to the customer's privacy policy, employees cannot search for information on employees from other departments or higher-level staff.

Disciplinary Actions

The portal stores a history of the reprimands, warnings, and other disciplinary actions that employees have received. When the disciplinary actions brought upon an employee exceeds a given number, the employee's immediate supervisor is notified through the portal. Notifications can be configured by the supervisor.

Vacation days and personal days off

Employees can request a vacation or personal days off directly on the portal. Supervisors can approve or reject a leave of absence request for specific dates. If a leave request is rejected, the employee can change the dates and send an updated request. To make vacation planning more convenient, supervisors can view the schedule of all approved leaves in their department.


HR specialists can prepare all the documents needed for a new hire via the portal.


Data Storage & Handling
MS SQL Server
Microsoft ASP.NET, WebForms
Programming Languages
C#, SQL, JavaScript
User Interface
HTML5, JavaScript, Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX

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