Application for Hotel Housekeepers


Develop a mobile application for hotel support staff and housekeepers and integrate it with the legacy property management system (PMS).

Software Solution

Axmor developed a corporate mobile application that runs on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. With this app, housekeepers can receive their cleaning assignments and report on the progress of their work.

Receiving Cleaning Assignments

Using this mobile application, housekeepers receive information about the area that needs to be cleaned and the schedule that has been set by managers in the PMS. Moreover, housekeepers can receive push notifications about additional urgent tasks (for example, changing the sheets). The housekeeper can accept, reject, or transfer the task to another employee.

Easy Reporting

Housekeepers report the current cleaning status of each hotel room to their managers as in progress, on hold, or completed. When the cleaning is done, the housekeeper changes the status of the room to cleaned or incomplete and enters the actual time she finished cleaning each room.

Map of the Hotel Rooms

An interactive map of the hotel helps housekeepers quickly locate rooms and shows the best way to reach them.

Provided Value

  • All housekeepers are given an equal amount of work and their performance can be monitored.
  • Real-time information is collected on room cleaning progress for managers.
  • Paperwork is reduced because cleaning assignments are given via a mobile application.


Core Technologies
iOS, Android

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