Food Delivery Application

An app that allows users to place an order for groceries and household items to be delivered to their homes.


To develop a mobile application for retail chains that people can use to have groceries and related items delivered to their homes.


Axmor developed an Android-based mobile application for retail buyers. Using this application, people can place an order for groceries and household items to be delivered to their homes. Thanks to this application a user no longer needs to travel to an out-of-the-way store, wait in line at the checkout, and carry heavy bags. They can order their shopping directly from the comfort of their home.

User Authorization

A user enters their mobile phone number and logs into their account via a SMS code.

Product Selection

This application is integrated with our client’s loyalty program. The application has access to information about a user’s previous purchases in stores that participate in the loyalty program. Users can easily search for goods they have previously purchased under the loyalty program. After selecting the amount and type of goods, the user places an order.

Delivery Address Selection

The user can save multiple delivery addresses in the application settings. The user selects the address to which the goods should be delivered for each order (for example, a place of residence or workplace).

Order Status Tracking

The application allows users to track the status of their deliveries: accepted, compiled, sent, or delivered.

Repeat Orders

The user is able to view a detailed history of their orders and can easily repeat orders if necessary.

Canceling Orders

If the order has not yet been compiled, the user can cancel it using the mobile application.

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