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Siemens' Mobility Division is a leading supplier of transport and logistics solutions in the USA. For example, a baggage handling system developed by our client enjoys great popularity in the industry. The solution allows to plan baggage loading and unloading depending on the flight schedule and current flight status. More than 300 of these automated systems were installed in airports all over the world. The client believed that schedule visualization would simplify operators' work. With this in mind, an addition to the existing web application had to be developed. An internal flight schedule would be visually represented as a Gantt chart supporting schedule changes just by changing and relocating elements on the chart.

When looking for a contractor, Siemens used two criteria: programmers' experience in this field and project cost reduction. Axmor was selected as the best option, since our programmers have already developed similar applications. The customer had a special interest in our GanttChart solution that had received the DevDays Adopter Award from Microsoft in 2008. It is a component of a Silverlight-based user interface. The solution optimizes process planning and simplifies data management representing information on the Gantt chart.

Software Solution

The baggage handling system is implemented as a web application. This way, data should be visualized and managed directly in a web browser. The Silverlight platform suggested by the Axmor programmers was the ideal solution for this task. Now baggage service operators can work with a schedule interactively, moving separate elements on the chart and changing their size. The newly developed component was integrated with the existing web application through data transfer web services. In addition, the solution is easy to use thanks to a user-friendly interface with a simple but attractive design.

The interactive chart developed by Axmor provides the following functionality:

  • Plan baggage loading and unloading by changing the start and end times of these stages directly in the chart.
  • Check flight status and check-in desk hours.
  • Add and change flight status information.
  • Distribute flights among terminals using the drag-and-drop function.
  • Sort data by airline companies, flights, terminals, time intervals, etc.
  • Collapse and expand detailed information on certain flights using the chart.
  • Adjust colors and templates of conventional symbols.

Provided Value

  • Close integration with the baggage handling system.
  • Interactive data management.
  • User-friendly interface with attractive design.
  • Adjustable chart view.
  • Easy-to-use data management using drag-and-drop function.


Microsoft Silverlight, C#

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