Evernote Application


Evernote Corporation provides software and online services for note-taking and archiving.
The customer wanted to grow its business by developing an Evernote application for BlackBerry.

The Axmor engineers developed an Evernote mobile application for BlackBerry smartphones.

Software Solution

Handling Notes

With this BlackBerry application, notes can be created, grouped into notebooks, viewed, tagged, annotated, and edited. A note can include a piece of typed or handwritten text, a webpage, a photograph, a voice memo and so on.

Convenient Search

Even a large number of notes can be easily managed since searching is available by keywords, titles, and tags, to name just a few. Users can create shortcuts for quick access to the notes they use most often.

Synchronization of Notes

Notes can be synchronized manually or automatically with Evernote’s online service as well as with any devices (smartphones, tablets, or PC) regardless of their operating systems. Synchronization ensures that all notes are always available on any device.

For information about new Evernote releases for BlackBerry, please visit Evernote’s blog.


Mobile Platform
BlackBerry, Java
Communication Protocols
XML, Apache Thrift, HTTPS

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