Mobile Application for Project Management

App development for project management requires both technical skill and a deep understanding of the client's business processes. We developed a mobile application for project management for iOS- and Android-based smartphones.


Our client has developed a multifunctional cloud service to automate project management processes. This service is available to its users as a web application. In order to expand its target audience, our client decided to develop a mobile application for its project management service.


Axmor developed a mobile application that provides remote access to our client's project management cloud service for iOS and Android platforms. The application allows project team members working outside their offices to receive tasks and then subsequently report on their completion. Managers can monitor task statuses and approve reports submitted by their employees.

Downloading Project Data

Users can access information on clients, projects, assigned tasks, reports, and task comments. This information is downloaded from the web application to their smartphones.

Preparing Reports on Completed Tasks

The mobile application allows project team members to remotely report time spent on their tasks as well as associated expenses. They can take pictures of receipts directly from the mobile application and attach them to their expense reports.

Adding Comments

The mobile application allows the user to create and view comments on tasks. This helps to keep project communication going even when project team members are not in the office.

Monitoring Reports

Managers can monitor task statuses, review reports on expenses and time submitted by their project team members, and either confirm or reject these reports via the mobile application.

Provided Value
  • The mobile application can function in standalone mode and synchronizes its data with the web application immediately after re-establishing an Internet connection.
  • The report template in the mobile application has the same look and feel experience as the one in the web version, making the new solution convenient and easy to use.
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