Currency Converter Application

Using a mobile device camera to quickly convert price tags from one currency to another.


To develop a mobile application that quickly converts the prices on tags between different currencies.


Axmor has developed a mobile application that allows travelers to use their mobile device cameras to quickly convert price tags from one currency to another. The mobile application is available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Axmor integrated the mobile application with an external online service providing up-to-date currency rates. When an Internet connection is available, the application gathers real-time data on currency rates. If the mobile device is not connected to the Internet, the application will suggest the latest downloaded currency rates be used.

Selecting the Currency Pair

The mobile application enables users to choose currency pairs manually or to use GPS to automatically identify the country and its currency.

Capturing and Recognizing Price Tags

Users can point their mobile device cameras at a price tag or a receipt to capture a price. The mobile application recognizes the price thanks to the use of third-party text recognition components.

Converting Currencies

Having pointed their camera at a price tag, the user can see the item’s price displayed on the screen in the current rate of the desired currency. Currency conversion is enabled through integration with an external currency rate service. Users may also manually input currency rates into the application.

Saving Conversion Results

The user can save the conversion results to compare prices in different stores.

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