We were approached by a client wanting to develop software solutions for boat stations. Our client intended to develop a cloud service to automate the interaction between boat stations and boat owners, providing the functionality of a CRM system in the SaaS model.


Axmor developed a cloud-based CRM system for boat stations, with a web portal for boat owners. The users of the CRM system are the boat station owners, their customers are the boat owners, and our client is the cloud service host.

Axmor provided complete integration for the developed cloud CRM system with other applications belonging to our client, a payment gateway, and a third-party meteorological service.

Mobile apps integration

Mobile apps are used by boat station owners to collect data pertaining to moored boats and electricity consumption. CRM system integration with mobile apps enables the automation of boat management services and resource consumption.

Payment gateway integration

Boat owners can pay their bills directly through the web portal using their bank card via an integrated payment gateway.

External meteorological service integration

The integration between the CRM system and external meteorological services provided by Axmor, allows boat owners to receive reports about the weather conditions at the boat station directly to their personal accounts.

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft ASP.NET
Twitter Bootstrap
Boat owner stations registrations

Upon registration, the owner of the boat station provides detailed information about his company, afterwards receiving access to the CRM system via a unique URL.

System configuration

The CRM system is able to configure the current infrastructure of the boat station: the number and numbering of berths and wharfs, as well as their availability status (available or unavailable).

Corporate identity customization

Utilizing the CRM system, owners of boat stations can easily customize their corporate identity to suit their needs, including themes, logos, document templates and much more.

Customer management

The CRM system allows the boat station owners to maintain a client base with detailed information concerning moored boats, their owners, and the allocated docking spaces for each boat.

Contract agreement

Within the CRM system, boat station owners can generate rental contracts for boat spaces and send them to the boat owners to be signed.


Boat station owners can charge for boat space rental, consumed electricity, fuel and other services, sending invoices for the aforementioned to boat owners through the CRM system. Invoice payment status information is also available to the owners of the boat stations.

Notifications delivery

The CRM system can be used to send out mass announcements, messages and notifications to boat owners.

Client web portal

We developed a collaborative CRM system, providing a two-way communication between boat station owners and their customers. In order to achieve this, Axmor designed a web portal that provides boat owners with access to their personal accounts. Personal accounts provide information regarding the rented boat space and payment history. Additionally, through the web portal, boat owners receive boat space rental agreements and invoices.

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