Axmor developed a tailored CMS which allows the user to quickly create a conference website and comprehensively manage the processes related to preparing and conducting the event. Conference hosts, participants, and sponsors are the main users of this CMS. To ensure that the solution would be coveted in the software market, we created an operational prototype with key functionality.

Prototype Functionality

Participant Registration
Users register by creating profiles with their personal information. Through the said profiles, users can get to know other participants, plan their day at a conference, and gain access to various media resources. Participants can also receive email notifications with conference news.

Conference Preparation
We developed an easy-to-use administration panel to simplify the process of managing the preparation and hosting of a conference: accepting proceedings from speakers, scheduling, polling and voting, monitoring the attendance of participants, and much more.

Exchanging Media Files
The CMS supports a convenient media archive where conference organizers can store programs, leaflets, video files, and pictures. These resources are available to conference participants via download.

Conference Registration Fee
The CMS integrated a popular payment system, allowing users to pay for participation directly through the website.

Our client successfully tested the prototype with the initial customers. Axmor developers then used it to create a fully functional software product.

Yii Framework
jQuery Bootstrap
Amazon S3
Extended Functionality of a Full-Featured Product
Customization for Corporate Requirements

A full-featured CMS is easily configurable to support quick customization in accordance with a client’s corporate requirements. For example, conference hosts can easily change the graphics for their own design or select an alternative payment system.

Interaction with Participants

We integrated the CMS with the most popular social network services (Facebook, and Twitter) to simplify the conference registration process. In addition, participants can receive text message notifications regarding conference news.

Polling and Reporting

The CMS supports participant polling for feedback as well as generating statistical reports on a speaker’s popularity, conference attendance, financial indicators, and much more.

Provided Value
for Users
  • Quality UI Design
    Particular attention was paid to the development of an original graphical design that would be user-friendly and convenient for imparting information on PCs, smartphones, and tablet devices for both website administrators and conference participants.

  • Convenient Media Archive
    We transferred a media archive of the full-featured version to the Amazon S3 cloud service. Now it has become even simpler to share reports and presentations, along with any other useful data, with other conference participants.

  • SEO
    We used Google recommendations on search optimization of content management systems when developing our CMS. The developed solution supports creating high-ranking websites.

for the Customer
  • A functional prototype and a full-featured version can be developed quickly and at a low price due to use of free components with an open source code.
  • Taking a subscription fee for using the CMS as a service.
  • Flexible and powerful frameworks and libraries eliminate the need to move to other technologies for scaling up the CMS functional features.
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