Web app for RATEK call centre

One of the largest Russian transport companies RATEK turned to Axmor for the development of an application to optimize the call centre efficiency.

We collaborated with Axmor to design a web application for our call center. In just a few months, we managed to get the application in working order. This became possible due to Axmor's professional developers team and active interaction with us throughout the project. We were able to clarify the requirements, ask questions and get answers online. Despite the fact that the UI was developed by third party contractors, Axmor's developers provided valuable recommendations for improving the interface. Interaction with Axmor's team was very productive and efficient, as a delivered result - a software product that meets our needs.. Andrey Kusurgashev, RATEK IT Director

The Goal

To design and develop a web app to work with operators on outbound calls. The application should display sender, recipient and payer data, as well as other goods details, recorded in the invoice. The most important transport information should be readily accessible to the operator on the first screen without having to open additional windows. The new web app should be fully synchronized with the company's existing system, utilizing the same transport database. Outgoing calls must be made through the company's PBX (Asterisk).

Software Solution

Axmor’s experts developed a single-page web application (SPA) on the ASP.NET Core 2.0 Web API and Angular platform.

Customer database web app integration

The new app is integrated into the existing client infrastructure. The project was delivered by a combined team, which included Axmor developers and client side programmers.

Open source software utilization

The use of Asterisk open-source PBX will allow the customer to save on licensing costs and eventually discarding the usage of expensive Cisco software products.

An open source .NET Core 2.0 platform was used to implement the application server side.

Operator specific UI design

In cooperation with the customer's team, Axmor's designers have developed the web app UI. The web application allows the operators to immediately monitor important information for making decisions on outgoing calls.

Related data windows are not self-locking (modal) and can be freely arranged in any order.

The UI is optimized for keyboard operation, which helps to improve operator performance.


.NET Core (C#)
Web App
SPA (Angular), Web API
UI Components
Telerik Kendo UI
Services & Connectivity

How it works

Upon cargo arrival at the destination, the operator is automatically assigned the task of informing the recipient. The application displays the electronic invoice data. The call center operator can close the task after the call or postpone it, indicating the reason. Database access is provided via API developed by the customer's team. Outbound calls are conducted by IP phone or SIP based apps.

Clients benefits

  • The application development is integrated with the existing call center infrastructure, allowing a phased transition to a new information system.
  • Ability to improve the efficiency and performance of outgoing calls.
  • Branch operators can work remotely, not necessarily from the company's office.
  • Opportunities for business scalability and system's functionality development using latest technologies and the gradual discarding of outdated software.
  • Savings on licensing costs due to the use of open source software.

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