Charity Soccer Game


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Develop an application to enhance the experience of watching live soccer matches by providing access to real-time, advanced analytics in a user-friendly format.

Software Solution

In collaboration with IBM, Axmor specialists designed an application, which aggregates, analyzes and visualizes data collected from soccer ball sensors and wearable devices.

The application was purpose built for a charity soccer game, which was held during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Using the data generated, for every shot, touch and goal, donations were made to Girl Scouts and Let Girls Learn organizations.

The end users of this application were soccer fans who were able to follow the pivotal moments of the game on tablets and an interactive tournament display board.

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Main Features

Data Aggregation

The soccer ball sensors and players’ wearable devices recognized specific movements such as passing the ball, shooting the ball and running about the field. Each device recorded and transmitted more than 50 data points per second to the Watson IoT Platform.

Data Processing

The sensors supplied a raw stream of data which was filtered by movement types and immediately analyzed. Fans were given access to the results of the data analysis in real time.

Data Visualization

Data visualization was communicated using graphical means and a heat map of the playing field. Statistical data was collected and analyzed in the cloud in order to lighten the load on the client’s side of the application. It also meant that up-to-date information on each player’s achievements could be displayed instantly.

Integration with social networks

To make it easier for fans to log in, we integrated the application with popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook. This also meant that fans could share the latest match news and support their own team over social networks with a single click.


Core Technologies
JavaScript, Node.js, Express
Data Storage & Handling
Web User Interface
Angular1, Twitter Bootstrap, Less, Pug
IBM Internet of Things, IBM Watson IoT Platform, Mosquito/MQTT, Apache Spark Streaming

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