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Improving the effectiveness and quality of available treatments for various types of cancer.

Software Solution

In collaboration with IBM and the US Cancer Network, Axmor specialists have designed a unique system for the development of clinical guidelines in the treatment of cancer patients. When creating a guideline, a range of factors are taken into account: the patients’ indications, the symptoms of a particular disease, the stage of the disease, and many more besides.The web application consists of two interconnected parts which enable clinicians and other health care decision-makers to create and approve a set of clinical guidelines as well as to create subsequent prescription templates.

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Main Features

Data Visualization

The application enables the creation of workflow diagrams which illustrate the development process of clinical guidelines. The diagrams reflect the treatment algorithms for specific groups of patients, applying the latest strategies for cancer care.

Collaboration between Users

Axmor developed a framework for collaboration between clinicians. They discuss, comment and approve treatment algorithms collectively. This procedure is designed to eliminate medical errors in decision-making and works to standardize clinical guidelines.

Advanced Search

Axmor developed a query builder that allows filters to be created and saved for a given list of parameters through the use of logical operators. The queries created in this way are used to search for treatment algorithms. The list of parameters includes phase, type, disease, as well as other characteristics.

Prescription Template Creation

The application produces prescription templates using the generated treatment algorithms and lists of recommended medications. The templates include information on dosage, interactions, side effects, indications, and many other essential prescription elements.


Integration with medical data sources

The system Axmor developed is integrated with popular medical resources such as PubMed, BioPortal and RxNorm. Users have instant access to reference books and scientific publications, which allows them to generate recommendations that meet all current requirements.

Integration with external systems

The application our team created meets HL7 FHIR standards. This has enabled other organizations working to improve the effectiveness of cancer treatments to integrate with our system.

Integration with Adobe InDesign

Tight integration with Adobe InDesign allows for easy export of treatment algorithms and corresponding prescriptions in PDF format.

Provided Value

  • The system saves the history of changes made to documents, which allows users to go back to earlier versions and keep track of their status.
  • The system Axmor developed has eliminated the need for paper documents and created a single space for storing and processing of medical data.
  • We have developed a system that meets the standards for the exchange, management and integration of electronic medical information.
  • By using Kanban‘s methodology, our team was able to respond quickly to changes in requirements during the course of the project achieving maximum operational efficiency.


Core Technologies
ASP.NET, C#, TypeScript/JavaScript
Microsoft ASP.NET
Data Storage & Handling
MS SQL Server
Web User Interface
Angular2, Twitter Bootstrap, KnockoutJS
HL7 FHIR, PubMed, BioPortal, RxNorm

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