Building Materials Catalog

An app that helps to search for goods in the catalog and calculate the required amount of building materials.


To develop a mobile product catalog for a company that manufactures and distributes a wide range of building materials, such as hardware, nails, pipes, adhesives, and sealants.

Software Solution

Axmor developed a mobile building materials catalog for sales associates, builders, and sales representatives. This application allows users to find detailed information relating to our client’s products.

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Searching through the Catalog

The application allows users to search for products in the catalog by name, article number, or category.

Detailed Product Information

The mobile catalog contains up-to-date information on the client’s building materials, methods of using them, and safety instructions. There is additional marketing information available on the products in PDF format.

Related Products

МThe mobile application helps users to find related products that may be required when working with the building materials they are buying.

Dealer Locator

The application contains a current list of dealers for each product and the addresses of the closest dealership points.


The user can place an order by specifying the product name, desired quantity, and his/her contact information. One of our client’s sales representative will then contact the user to confirm the order and obtain additional information.

Building Calculator

The application has a handy calculator that allows users to quickly calculate the amount of building materials that will be required for their construction or remodeling project.

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