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Music Festivals Tweets Data Analysis We gathered music festivals related messages on Twitter, provided data analysis, identified certain patterns and made analysis visualization. Mobile Unified Communications Application Managing corporate communications, regardless of the employee's location. Smart Intercom Mobile Application A mobile application that redirects intercom calls to the resident’s phone and streams video from surveillance cameras. Microseismic Monitoring System Web application for the microseismic data processing Prostheses Data Collection and Visualization Web Service A web service which will manage the prostheses data collection with subsequent data visualization. Mobile Application Using Beacons for Retail A mobile app for retail network customers and store administrators, which helps simplify the customer navigation, build a client movement heat map and expand contextual product advertising opportunities. Clients' CRM-system with web-portal A cloud service to automate the interaction between boat stations and boat owners, providing the functionality of a CRM system in the SaaS model Volunteer Projects Management A software solution with front-end and back-end components to search for volunteers and volunteer project management. POS Application for Jewelry Store Axmor developed a desktop POS application to automate the retail of jewelry products, watches and diamonds, as well as maintenance services. Large Area Illumination Calculation Web Service The web based high-mast lighting calculator is located on the client's website and can be used on any device. Web app for RATEK call centre The application displays sender, recipient and payer data, as well as other goods details, recorded in the invoice. The app is fully synchronized with the company's existing system. Security Threats Detection Of The Social Blogosphere A security service to analyze third-party websites content in order to detect planned hacker attacks. Cognitive Sales Intelligence System Trusted sales advisor for IBM Sellers and Business Partners Student interactions on social networks analysis An interactive informational panel, which tracks and analyses topics discussed by students on social media. UC&C Library Ready-made components for developing unified communications and collaboration systems Decision Support System Modeling multi-criteria tasks to choose the optimal solutions Air Travel App Planning and organising a flight from booking tickets to checking-in online and earning loyalty card points Health care quality assurance system Providing access to statistical information on physician quality performance Virtual Showroom Application Aggregating and processing data collected from iBeacons to optimize showroom configuration Charity Soccer Game Aggregating and processing data collected from soccer ball sensors and wearable devices during the charity soccer game Development of Сlinical Guidelines Creating treatment algorithms and producing prescription templates for cancer patients Mobile Travel Guide Information on tourist attractions, hotels, and restaurants for travelers Home Vision Monitor App Detection of early vision changes related to retinal diseases Payment Aggregator Support for various payment methods, data vault, and anti-fraud system Decision Analytics Collecting and processing internal and external data to enhance cyclist's performance Smart Vehicle Control Visualizing data collected from powerboat sensors to improve real-time decision making Mobile POS Application Payment processing away from desktop computers Unified Communications VoIP-based integration of various corporate communication channels Fugitive Emission Data Capture Automating detection and measurement of hydrocarbon fugitive emissions processes Demo Web Application Website-based audio and video calls, file sharing and text messaging capabilities Social Network for Digital Content Collaboration Creating and mixing lyrics, music, and videos collectively using smartphones Remote Backup for Big Data Configuring scenarios for Big Data backup in cloud storages Information System Update for a Multimedia Production Company Converting a set of web sites and services into an integrated high-performance system Taxi Dispatch Software Automation of orders, taxi fleets, and payments Operational Data Analysis Platform Real-time monitoring of an enterprise IT infrastructure Mobile Application for Project Management Automation of project management processes Mobile Retail App Planning purchases, accessing current promotional offers and viewing up-to-date product ranges Powersports Goods Online Store B2B online store selling outdoor clothing as well as parts and accessories for the powersports industry Mobile Payment Application Accepting payments for goods and services away from stationary cash registers Currency Converter Application Convertation of the prices on tags between currencies Flight Schedule for Siemens Visualization of a flight schedule for a baggage handling system Statistical Data Analysis Remote access to SPSS Statistics functionality Online Jewelry Store B2C online store for selling jewelry, diamonds, and watches Corporate HR Portal Managing the company's human resources information Live Video Chat Service for a Bank Video calls from a bank’s clients to its call center via Internet Bank Loyalty Program Clients’ member accounts for managing their reward points balances IBM Product Catalogs Reference books on IBM product lines Online Marketplace E-commerce website where service providers and customers meet Point Cloud Thinning Processing laser scanning results for 3D terrain rendering Mobile Application for Hotel Housekeepers Automation of a hotel housekeeping service Integration with a Payment Gateway Connecting a POS system to a payment gateway Data Analysis System Collecting and analyzing forest management data and generating reports Medical Corporate Portal Intranet portal that provides employees with single sign-on access to all corporate information systems Biostatistics in Genetic Research Analysis of DNA barcode frequency matrices to identify patients' genetic predisposition to cancer Call Routing System Emergency Services Routing Proxy Tailored Content Management System CMS for organizing and holding conferences and creating websites for them Construction Materials Catalog Searching goods in the catalog and calculating materials consumption Mobile Food Delivery Service Placing orders for food and household goods delivery Platform for Analyzing Twitter Users’ Opinions Sentiment analysis of tweets and real-time statistics visualization Visual IDE for IBM Development of applications processing Big Data Molecular Modeling in Drug Discovery 3D modeling of van der Waals surface for molecule conformation Evernote Application An app to create and edit notes Retail market workflow automation software Automation of trade in retail outlets, cafes, and restaurants

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