Transport Software Development

We design and develop custom software solutions for transport and logistics companies, increasing their profit by effectively managing passenger and cargo transportation, storage, stockpiling and inventory accounting. We specialize in working with innovative ideas and new trends in the transport and logistics market.

15 years
of experience in designing and developing complex IT systems from scratch
industry experienced developers
Transport Software Development

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Custom Software Development Advantages for Transport and Logistics Companies

10 years of custom software development for transport and logistics

Integration experience with external software products such as external cartography and delivery tracking systems

Experience in implementing and deploying new technologies for transport and logistics projects (IoT and Blockchain)

Big Data experience, BI business analytics: the ability to aggregate large data flows of supplies, incoming trips etc, filter or save related data, analyze and present the results

Solution Development

General business automation:

Applications (mobile inclusive) for planning and organizing travel/trips
Web portals for order tracking, inventory management and billing
Omni channel customer engagement
Mobile apps for field operations (working with mobile terminals away from the main office)

IoT in transportation industry:

Vehicle fleet control & monitoring (vehicle safety technologies, driving assistance systems)
Automatic routing and route optimization (inclusive of real time adjustments and corrections)
Delivery / shipment monitoring, transparency and integrity control along the supply chain

Blockchain technologies in transportation and logistics:

Warehouse management
Supply chain management and shipments tracking
Vehicle fleet accounting

Our Advantages

Transparency of business processes

To build strong customer connections we conduct weekly meetings, demo sessions and training during the project phases. We will provide access to our issue tracking and project management system as well as we are ready to work with customer's third-party software.

Flexible approach

We can individually approach each project. We are flexible, building strong and trustful relationships with our partners, actively working and communicating as a single team.

Solving complex and non-typical problems

Design and development of custom software for automation of unique and non-typical business processes that go beyond out-of-the-box solutions.

Intellectual Property Protection

We sign the NDA at the project evaluation stage, delivering all the rights to the software product and the source code to the customer.

US legislation

We work under US laws and standards, conducting banking operations, signing contracts and maintaining all documentation in the USA.

Project infrastructure based on US servers

The project infrastructure is provisioned on US-based servers, all source code repositories, data backups, full documentation knowledge base and logs are security stored there.

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