Custom & Outsourcing Software Development

As a custom software development company we design and develop innovative software solutions for IT companies. Our clients are ambitious start-ups and small business.

Outsourcing Software Development
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Benefits out of Outsourcing Software Development for our customers

Transparent development processes on all stages;

High quality software;

Cutting-edge technologies and services;

Solid portfolio with more than 460 successfully delivered projects;

Full project management life cycle, from scratch to handover;

Collaboration with our industry experienced team in the areas of Medicine, Manufacturing, Transport, Retail and IT;

Non-standard project solutions.

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Success Stories of Our Clients


In 2005, a VoIP service provider requested our outsourcing software development company to develop a desktop application. We designed a unified communications system, which is currently utilized by 30 000 companies in more than 90 countries.


The company TreeAge uses our custom developed software solution to provide optimal decision-making services to 15000 companies around the world.


In collaboration with IBM and the United States National Comprehensive Cancer Network we designed and developed a unique software system for the development of clinical guidelines for cancer patients treatment.


As requested by IBM we developed a business process optimization application for an international furnishing company. Our software solution was utilized at the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world — The High Point Market, which brings more than 75,000 people around the world to the exhibition every six months.

Our Advantages

Transparency of business processes

To build strong customer connections we conduct weekly meetings, demo sessions and training during the project phases. We will provide access to our issue tracking and project management systems, as well as we are ready to work with customer's third-party software.

Flexible approach

Flexible approach

We can individually approach each project. We are flexible, building strong and trustful relationships with our partners, actively working and communicating as a single team.

Full software development life cycle

Full software development life cycle

We provide a full project lifecycle from generating system requirements and solution development to product release and post implementation support.

Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property Protection

We sign the NDA at the project evaluation stage, delivering all the rights to the software product and the source code to the customer.

US legislations

US legislations

We work under US laws and standards, conducting banking operations, signing contracts and maintaining all documentation in the USA.

Project infrastructure based on US servers

Project infrastructure based on US servers

The project infrastructure is provisioned on US-based servers, all source code repositories, data backups, full documentation knowledge base and logs are security stored there.

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