Custom IoT Solutions

We develop software for ‘Internet of Things’ projects in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics.

What we do:

  • collection and storage of data from connected devices
  • processing of large volumes of unstructured data
  • real-time event stream processing
  • mobile and web applications
  • integration with a cloud server
  • data analysis and dashboards
Our team specializes in creating services for collecting, storing, and analyzing data from IoT devices.
In manufacturing

Wireless sensors, contactless diagnostics, machine vision, work parameters visualization and equipment maintenance planning, section/unit/machine resources calculation

In retail

Equipment and product storage monitoring systems, smart shelving, refrigerators, carts, in-store shopping behavior analysis and heatmaps, store traffic forecasts.

In logistics

Searching and optimizing routes (including in real time), shipment tracking and monitoring, optimizing the use of storage facilities, personnel management and communications.

In healthcare

Biotelemetry, remote medical equipment monitoring, stream analysis of big data collected by medical IoT devices, data visualization.

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