Business Intelligence Services

We analyze your data, find opportunities for added value, and create a complete custom Business Intelligence (BI) solution for working with large volumes of information. The BI system works stably without external control and does not require in-depth preparation from the end user.

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Data-mining
  • Collection and storage of data from various sources in real time
  • Processing large volumes of unstructured data
  • Processing large streams of information in real time
  • Creating forecasts for making optimal business decisions with predictive analytics
  • Machine learning
We will help you turn your data into a source of insights and ideas.
Our Experience in Business Intelligence
Visualization of equipment operation parameters, calculation of section / unit / machine resources

Industrial control: risk analysis, minimizing accidents at the enterprise
Analysis of related products and formation of sets

Customer recommendation systems
Aggregation and structuring of large amounts of clinical data for medical research

Creating prescription templates based on treatment protocols and drug lists
Oil and Gas
Integration, processing and analysis of large volumes of field data

Analysis of equipment condition data to predict wear and reduce downtime
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