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Axmor offers custom software development services designing solutions that work efficiently with data collected from a wide variety of devices. We develop software products for ambitious startups and mature companies in the IT industry providing support at all levels from first MVP release to long-term product development.

Our clients are using Axmor designed IoT software to control smart homes and transport, to monitor athletes’ biometric data and optimize store space in the retail business.

Expert knowledge of the IoT industry enables us to gather requirements and deliver optimal technical solutions with unrivalled speed and efficiency. This ensures a fast project launch reducing the timescales and costs of your product development.

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About Us

Our Expertise



Extract data from various devices


Collect and store data generated from connected devices


Process large volumes of unstructured data


Represent data analysis results via statistical graphics, plots and information graphics


Integrate devices with cloud storage


Create user-friendly mobile and web applications for device management

Our Advantages

Cloud IoT Solution

Our team can develop and deploy SaaS solutions to different platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and IBM BlueMix.

Mobile IoT Solution

Our vast experience in mobile application development means we can transfer IoT software to the mobile environment quickly and effectively.

Continuous development

Axmor specialists will help enhance the functionality of your existing application enabling you to respond quickly to the challenges of the market and the dynamic demands of your business.

Effective Communication

We communicate with the customer as a single cross-functional team with common goals and objectives: a collaborative approach that has proved effective across a diverse range of commercial projects.

Agile. Fast Project Start

We can start working on the development of your software product without requiring a detailed description of the product’s features, responding swiftly to changes in requirements throughout the course of a project.

Minimum Viable Product

Our experience in the development of MVP means we can gather early end-user feedback to help you assess potential demand for your new software product.

Project Workflow

Axmor’s team of highly skilled engineers, system architects and QA professionals will develop software that is tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Learn more about the major phases of the project life cycle. Following the established algorithm enables you to connect, configure and control how connected devices interact.

Project Portfolio

Decision Analytics

In collaboration with IBM, we designed a web application for ultracyclist Dave Haase, which collects and processes data collected from an athlete’s bike sensors, biometric data, exact location and forward-looking weather conditions with the goal of enhancing decision-making and performance during the Race Across America.

Virtual Showroom Application

We created an application to facilitate the digital transformation of the client’s business processes. The application provides salespersons and customers with quick access to the latest product information, online ordering, and real-time sales analytics collected from iBeacons.

Smart Vehicle Control

In collaboration with IBM, we developed an application for a team, which participated in SilverHook Powerboat Racing. An application visualizes data collected from powerboat sensors and GPS navigational equipment with the goal of improving the decision making ability and safety of the participants. The racing boat sensors provided more than 70 metrics at a refresh rate of 100 times per second.

Charity Soccer Game

We designed an application, which aggregates, analyzes and visualizes data collected from soccer ball sensors and wearable devices. The application was purpose built for a charity soccer game, which was held during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Using the data generated, for every shot, touch and goal, donations were made to Girl Scouts and Let Girls Learn organizations.

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