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Axmor offers full-cycle development and implementation services to create comprehensive business intelligence software. We help IT companies to develop innovative software products, providing assistance at all stages from the release of a Minimum Viable Product to long-term support and product development. All we need to get started is your vision of the product and desire to collaborate actively with our team.

Our clients are using Axmor designed business intelligence software to analyze Big Data from social networks, to calculate large probabilistic models in pharmacoeconomics, health insurance, and geologic exploration, and to analyze production data in real time.

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About Us

Our Expertise

Data mining

Extract real business value from data

Data aggregation

Collect and store data from diverse sources in real time

Big Data BI

Process Big Data in real time

Complex event processing

Analyze and process data streams

Machine Learning

Automatically identify patterns in data

Predictive Analytics

Generate high-caliber forecasts


Axmor’s team of highly skilled data scientists, engineers, system architects and QA professionals delivers stable and secure BI solutions. Our specialists’ proficiency in cutting-edge technologies, tools and services ensures that our clients enjoy the benefits of applications tailored to meet their unique business needs:

Data aggregation
MySQL Cluster, DRBD, CouchDB/IBM Cloudant
Big Data BI
  • IBM InfoSphere Streams, Apache Storm, Apache Solr, Apache Spark, Apache Spark Streaming, Apache Hadoop, Cassandra
  • MySQL Cluster, DRBD, CouchDB/IBM Cloudant
Complex event processing
  • ActiveMQ, ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, Apache Camel
  • Akka, Erlang
  • MQTT, Mosquito
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data mining
Bluemix Spark Python/Scala Notebook / Jupyter Python Notebook, Python NLTK, Spark ML, Python scikit-learn, OpenNLP

Our Advantages

Ready-made BI Platform

We offer clients access to our social media aggregator allowing them to conveniently collect, process and store large volumes of data streams. Our solution can be easily customized for your unique business needs constituting an integral part of your MVP.

Cloud BI Solution

Our team can develop and deploy SaaS solutions to different platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and IBM BlueMix.

Mobile BI Solution

Our vast experience in mobile application development has enabled us to transfer business intelligence software to the mobile environment.

Effective Communication

We communicate with the customer as a single cross-functional team with common goals and objectives. This approach to collaboration has proved effective across a diverse range of commercial projects.

Minimum Viable Product

Our experience in the development of MVP means we can gather early end-user feedback to help you assess potential demand for your new software product.

Agile software development

This approach has the flexibility to allow for constant change and for fresh ideas to be brought to a project on the fly. New features can be quickly delivered and optimized throughout project development.

Project Portfolio

Operational Data Processing Platform

In collaboration with Starview, Axmor has created an innovative platform for processing real-time operational data and monitoring the infrastructures of major enterprises. The software can analyze large volumes of operational data, forecast business events and develop optimal responses to them.

Remote Backup for Big Data

In collaboration with Secured2, Axmor has created a solution for backing up big data allowing users to dramatically cut back on their cloud storage space and completely secure their data.

Analyzing Twitter User Opinions

In collaboration with IBM, the Axmor team has developed an application that collects Twitter message threads on specific topics, normalizes text, analyzes sentiments and then marks them with special tags. The software processes these tags using statistical analysis allowing the user to visualize the results over a given period in real time.

Visual IDE for Big Data Applications

In collaboration with IBM, Axmor has designed a platform for creating, editing, and deploying applications that process Big Data. The main advantage of this solution is that it enables anyone to create a Big Data analysis system, without requiring programming skills.

Decision Support System

In collaboration with TreeAge, the Axmor team has developed a software product that supports decision-making. It helps users create and analyze models for choosing optimal solutions and strategies.

Statistical Data Analysis

Axmor has developed a web application that enables users to access the functionality of IBM SPSS Statistics in the form of an affordable SaaS solution. The application enables users to collect, analyze andprocess data which can then be examined in the form of charts and diagrams.

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